Triple J's Hottest 100

This campaign brings in 1.5M votes on average and dominates social media in the music industry

An Australian institution, the world’s largest music democracy, the envy of every other radio station. The Hottest 100 juggernaut gets bigger every year and shows no signs of slowing. While the concept remains a constant keeping the campaign fresh and the users engaged year to year requires constantly evolving concepts and ideas on how to keep them voting and listening.

Working with 9 of triple j’s Hottest 100 campaigns meant consistently pushing the boundaries of in-house technology platforms to keep users engaged. Over the years I defined the user experience and followed through with the interface designs and social media strategies.

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The Brief

To build awareness of the Hottest 100 campaign across all mediums with a user friendly journey that helps rediscover the past year in music and vote for their favourite songs.

The Challenge

Delivering a modern engaging experience to a big audience with limited in-house technological infrastructure and resources. Alongside the technical challenges a number of the ABC’s editorial policies needed to be considered when looking at incorporating external services. Balancing these considerations with ensuring consistency across the various phases of the campaign was paramount to a successful execution.

The Process

Fortunately there is wealth of information from audience research, direct audience feedback, quantitative analytics and audience surveys conducted in previous campaigns to build a picture of the audience needs and wants.

Launching a new Hottest 100 campaign was a process of iteratively building on the previous campaigns successes and failures. Ideas were generated with brainstorming sessions held alongside stakeholder meetings to ensure new directions are editorial sound and reinforce the depth of knowledge triple j has around music.

The Result

This graphic produced for social media gives a good indication of the engagement that the campaign has. It was published on facebook at 8:00pm after the conclusion of the countdown on Australia Day to an audience that had been encouraged to party all day. It gained 19K likes, 1k shares and 560 comments. If that’s not a hooked audience I’ll eat my slip n slide.